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Friday, May 21, 2010

L.A., Paris, Vegas

In an ideal world I'd tell you that I'm on some wonderful poker tournament tour, but that's not true.

However, I'm on my fourth day of a great family vacation, which is actually better than a poker tour. My immediate family is spread out on the west coast so we don't see each other as often as we'd like and we're taking advantage of my mom's airline miles to visit France.

But enough about that.

When I get back to the States next week, I'm heading straight to Vegas to celebrate my birthday over Memorial Day Weekend. Once that's over, I'll jump into the 1k WSOP Stimulus Event on Monday. I'm basing my stay in Vegas pretty much solely on that event. If I make a decent cash in the tournament, I'll continue to stay in Vegas and play some more small buy-in events and cash games every day.

The truth is I've been getting low on my bankroll. What started as poor bankroll management turned into running bad and playing bad. I'm hoping that some time in Vegas can kick-start me in addition to clearing my mind here in Paris. If June goes badly I might consider looking into working a normal job again in sports and/or writing.

Basically I'm gonna get my partying out of the way Memorial Day weekend and then buckle down for grinding the rest of the month until I'm comfortable again, which would take at least two months of winning. I've been actually winning more in sports than poker.

I started to put together some wins last week, which was nice because I wanted to have some decent money heading to Vegas next week. Then I decided to get one last session in on Sunday. I had two options (1) Hollywood Park, which was a great game as reported to me by a reliable source or (2) a big home game in Brentwood.

I decided to check out the home game first and if it wasn't good I would head to HP. I got there and three tables were full: a 5/10, a 10/25 and a 25/25. I jumped into the 5/10 game and immediately went up 1k within about 15 minutes. My first hand I raised with KcJc and flopped the nut straight. All the home games in L.A. usually have 2-3 cute girls walking around in bikinis or short skirts or even topless. This game had about 15 girls walking around in bikinis. I'd be lying if I said I didn't lose my focus. There weren't even that many good players but I just bled chips away in a game where there were constant blind raises and overbets. Long story short: I ended up dropping $3500 in a game where I was up $1300 at one time and I completely erased my previous three sessions of profit.

As for the home game, it was juicier for players that have bigger bankrolls than myself. Jamie Gold showed up to play in the 25/25 game and one of my boys told me that they had a $100k pot in that game. Pretty sick.

I'm still regretting going to that game though and I'm desperately trying to make some money betting on sports while here in Paris. I'm up about $1900 this week, here's the reason why:
Today I have:

Cardinals -1.5
Parlay: Red Sox, Mets, Cardinals -1.5
Parlay: Cardinals -1.5, SF Giants -1.5

It's funny... I don't blog nearly as much as I should, then everytime I do I have so much to write.

I'll save some for later. Hope everyone is doing well.

four years.


Anonymous said...

keep it up bro. I've enjoyed reading your blog since i found it this year.Too bad i'm the only one who ever leaves comments haha. Anyways... Commerce gets old sometimes..i would love to join some of your home games... maybe we can meet up sometime... enjoy the trip...holla

K Lew said...
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4years said...

thanks.. i can give you info on home games.. the rake is horrible but the players are (usually) worse. honestly you'll see a few guys from commerce that you'll recognize in many of them. i should take a look at my home game stats and see how they compare to the casino this year. thanks for leaving comments also, at least i know someone is reading lol.

ps at the home games you just can't act like a nit.. u can play like one but it's bad when there's silent rocks in the game cuz the fish end up not coming back.

do you play professionally?

4years said...

also re: your other comment -

i played two days at the first commerce tournament (i think it was a 500k gtd?) and didn't last longer than six hours either day.

the first day i went and played 400 NL and was up 1400 before bluffing off 1k and leaving up only 400.

the second day (sat) i played plo with amar and the regs and was up like 1500 and ended up even after bleeding chips and playing too loose.

did you play?

Anonymous said...

Yea i played but didn't have as much success as LAPC. Cash games were OK... i played the 5-1500 almost 40 hours while cal state tourneys were going on... +2150.... but lost big this weekend. you remember the qj story i told you about? qqj flop all in vs. Kings river king?...well i seem to have bad luck vs pocket pair cuz this weekend almost same situation. 889 flop (89 me qq villian), i checked a 9 on the turn and river q...called all in. Not as big of a pot as the KK but still......

I don't play professionally, i work 40 hours a week.... I play pretty regularly though.... I'll leave my email if you gave any fri/sat night home games i can join... or just to get a session on the about hands.